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Deep repair of the damaged, smooth, colored and chemically treated hair. With super concentrated assets from the Quinoa Protein and the Baobab Oil.


Shine Brushing

Sophisticated smoothing system and/or high performance volume reduction developed with essential oils.



High performance guanidine kit enriched with Baobab Oil and Quinoa Protein. Promotes smoothing with long lasting effect.



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I use BTX Shield, Liss Shine Brushing and Intensive Repair Kit and I love all products. Kerensa provides to my clients excellent results. With it, I reach their satisfaction and I become faithful to the brand products.
Gissele Ferreira, Espaço Beleza Salon - Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro
Our experience with Kerensa products has been different, because all the products has immediate results, which with other products would need several applications. We’re all happy with the result obtained.
Diamond Peluquería y Novedades, MADJOS S.A - (Panamá)
The Kerensa products show a good acceptance among our clients. They were delighted to BTX Shield Blond, BTX Shield, and Liss Shine as well. In the next demand, we will enlarge our quantities. Thank you guys so much!
I use the RevitaLiss Brushing at my salon and the result that I’ve got was great! RevitaLiss make the hair smooth and hydrated with a great durability.
Salão Studio Bela - São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

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