Cauterization is a hair treatment indicated for damaged hair, after undergoing dyeing, smoothing or relaxation. The treatment is based on keratin and it can be done with Intensive Repair kit Kerensa. Learn all about the procedure.

The benefit of keratin for the hair

Keratin is a protein present in the hair extension, but with the large amount of chemical compositions we put on, its presence is minimised. This protein is responsible for the integrity of the hair and it needs to be there to protect it. Too much flat iron and dryer can also cause loss of keratin as well as sun and pollution. So even natural hair needs cauterization on the hair.

The importance of diagnosis

It is very important to diagnose the hair before doing cauterization, as this is not a treatment that can be done every week, and its frequency depends on each case. The excess of keratin causes stiffness, dryness, opacity, breakage and loss of natural movement. If your client already uses shampoo and conditioner based on keratin, the best thing to do is to guide her to use it only once a week.

Get to know the Intensive Repair kit

Intensive Repair kit, in addition to being excellent for cauterization, also strengthen and nourish the hair, providing heat shield with restorative sealing, allowing the treatment to stick to the hair molecule. The professional who purchases the kit can perform 4 different types of services:

  • Pro-Keratin – Charge of Keratin / Cauterization.
  • Cellular Reconstruction / Keratinization.
  • Shield and Sealing (seals the hair from external aggressions).
  • Hair Detox (Detoxification of the hair and scalp).

And the benefits:

  • Replacement of keratin mass.
  • Reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film and cellular cement.
  • Thermal replacement of Nutrient with hair densification.
  • Exceptional shine and renew.
  • Molecular Cauterization.
  • Detox (hair detox).