Cuticle, Marrow and Cortex: This is the structure of the hair. It is divided into three parts, the cortex being the most important region and considered the heart of the hair. Each has its role, but only by noticing the cuticle the hairdresser can identify the health of the hair.

The cuticle is the outside of the hair. It protects the cortex and the very own hair from chemicals. Demaged cuticle loses its protection and the inner cohesion of the hair is reduced, leaving extremely fragile hair. That’s why the cuticles are the point of reference for professionals to know if the hair is healthy or not.

The marrow is the inner part of the hair. Composed of blood and oxygen, it is the only part of the hair that is in contact with the living cell of the hair (hair bulb), and it is possible to see the interlacing of these two regions (living cell with dead) through the bloodstream. The marrow is absent in some hair, as it goes through chemical discoloration.

The cortex corresponds to almost 90% of the hair structure. Located in the center, it promotes strength, endurance and vitality. All the keratin of the hair structure is deposited in the cortex.

Strong and healthy hair

Keratin is a key substance for a healthy hair. It imposes the strength and flexibility of the hair. It is produced in the epidermis, from vitamins and amino acids, which highlights the need for a healthy diet. In addition, keratin treatments restore shine to hair damaged by chemical, physical or environmental processes.

The Intensive Repair Keratin Hydrolyzed

Cauterization is a treatment based on keratin. It restructures the hair, leaving it disciplined and with less frizz. Intensive Repair Keratin Hydrolyzed Treatment acts quickly and efficiently, due to its technology, which deeply penetrates the hair, rebuilding the structure of the hair fiber. Perfect for anyone who wants to regain the elasticity and beauty of the hair!