What woman has never dreamed of having platinum hair like Marilyn Monroe’s and feel like a movie star? Whether by curiosity, by will or simply by the courage to completely change the look. However, many people give up because they believe it is too much work to maintain the look on the everyday life. This review is for you to leave the fear behind and trust that it is possible to maintain the beauty salon result, without having to go back there many times to perform the maintenance of the blonde.

Over time blonde hair tend to yellow due to external actions like sun, wind, chlorine, salt water, pollution, among others. This is normal and it can happen with any dyeing that does not receive the necessary care. Kerensa’s Home Care Revitalize Color is a Anti-Yellow kit specially developed for blonde hair of all shades to tone the yellowish and nourish from the root to the tip, minimizing the effects dryness caused by discoloration.

“My hair suffered from slip ends, breakage and dryness, but after I started using Revitalize Color, my hair came back to life. Since it is not necessary to use every day, my kit lasts a long time! So the price is worth it. I usually wash once or twice a week, always checking its need. In the summer I use a little more because the damage is greater. I try to range from faster washes and higher moisturizing, where I let Anti-Yellow mask act for about 15 minutes”, Saywry commented.

How Anti-Yellow works on the hair?

Since Kerensa has a professional proposal, the assets are more concentrated and act on the hair effectively, producing an equivalent effect of anti-yellow products used in the hair salons. “Revitalize Color acts from the hair bulb to the tips and it is possible to check the color difference since the first application. It’s really amazing!” said Saywry.

The application procedure is very simple. It all starts with Revitalize Color Shampoo, which cleans the hair gently without drying it, preparing the hair to receive the treatment mask and Revitalize Conditioner. The mask is the most important stage of the treatment, since it moisturizes and continues the anti-yellow process even more intensively. The conditioner seals the cuticles, reducing slip ends and completely eliminating the yellowish.

The results vary from person to person, according to each blonde’s tone. Say has already have her kit, and you? Click here to buy: http://bit.ly/2vCxDNN

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