You may have already heard that there are several types of hair oils that can be used on the hair to promote numerous benefits. To get you informed, Kerensa has brought the most famous hair oils of the moment, and explains what each one of them is for. Check it out:

Castor oil: it is indicated for those who suffer from hair loss. The oil minimizes this problem and still boosts hair growth, making the hair stronger and thicker. When applying, massage the scalp with your fingers. Who has many split ends can also use it, but in the hair extension.

Coconut oil: this is the darling of Brazilians. It is easy to find as it is the most requested by women. If it’s 100% natural, even better. It is rich in vitamin E, K, fatty acids and other nutrients. It strengthens from the scalp to the tips, so it is one of the most complete oils. Ideal prevent the frizz and split ends. It can also be used for hair moisturizing.

Argan oil: it is powerful to recover dry hair with frizz. It’s the best way to moisturize and provide instant shine, so it’s good to always have it on your nécessaire! However, this is not the type of oil to be applied on the scalp and it should be used with caution not to leave oily hair.

Flaxseed oil: rich in omega 3, 6, ceramides and vitamin E. It is antioxidant, moisturizing and fortifying. It is suitable for dry, damaged, brittle and chemically treated hair. It stimulates hair growth and moisturizes while maintaining natural hair humidity. It is excellent for the scalp and for all the hair extension.

Ojon oil: it is rich in amino acids, lipids and natural antioxidants. It restores the hair cells and leaves the hair brighter and full of life. It also reduces the volume and frizz from the hair, and it can be used before and after the dryer and flat iron.

Did you like our tips on types of hair oil ? Remember to check with your hairdresser before starting any treatment!