Summer is only good if we get to enjoy it, isn’t it? And along with this super sweet season, it’s necessary to take care of the skin and hair. Sun, chlorine, salt water, all of which can damage our hair, so it is very important to keep the care of curly hair in the summer. This type of hair tends to suffer more from the damage, as it is naturally dry at the tips, and the spring shape makes it difficult for the natural oil to get from the scalp to the extension of the hair.

Check out some tips that we have prepared for you to take care of your curly hair in the summer:

Moisturize your hair

It is not just the chemicals that damages curly hair during the summer. The natural factors of the season are also largely responsible, as the high temperatures. But by always moisturizing the hair, there is no problem at all. Hydra Curls line from Kerensa has been produced with substances such as coconut oil, semi-di lino and wheat protein, natural assets that instantly moisturize and nourish the hair, leaving the curls totally defined, ultra moisturized and with incredible brightness.

Use the combing cream whenever you expose your hair

The combing cream, besides leaving it easier untangle after contact with salt water or chlorine, also protects from future aggressions. Look out for those that contain sun protection.

Tips for the best of your curly hair in the summer

  • Wash your hair less so the scalp will produce more oil, which will prevent dryness. Try washing 3 times a week.
  • When untangling the hair, use your fingers or a wooden comb with wide teeth.
  • Use Kerensa Hydra Curls treatment mask once a week and let it act for approximately 20 minutes;
  • When going to the beach or pool, wear hats and caps to protect the head. When you forget, the sun burns the scalp, causing future flakes that look like dandruff. If the hair is without combing cream with sunscreen, UVA rays may also burn it.
  • Whenever you get in contact with salty or chlorinated water, wash your hair with fresh or drinking water soon after.

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