What women have never had a little frizz? Frizz makes the hair misaligned and rebellious. And there is no way, if you do not have a repairing oil, your hair will continue like this. Before choosing the right product to eliminate this problem, it is important that you know why the frizz appears.

Why does the frizz appears

Frizz can arise from a number of factors: the use of high temperatures such as hair dryer and flat iron, lack of moisturize to seal the cuticles, wash the hair with very hot water and even the weather can cause changes in the hair appearance. And the sea? Yes, it can also frizz your hair. All this influences the cuticles of the hair fiber to open, which compromises its structure, leaving you with this rebellious hair.

This reaction is normal to happen when the cuticles open, once there is repulsion between the hair, which generates a small negative electrical charge.

If you are a hostage of the hair dryer and the flat iron, always use thermal active protection.

How vegetable oils act against frizz

Vegetable oils are responsible for covering the hair, causing the negative charge to slip into the tips, reducing the friction and leaving a healthy looking. It is an instant effect: you apply the oil and the hair soon goes down. You only have to be careful not to apply too much product because it can become oily. And do not even think about applying it to the scalp, okay? There are specific oils to perform hair moisturizing techniques. Repairing oils are just to remove the frizz from the hair.

If the repairing oil is not solving your frizzy problems, we have a tip for you! KeraHidrox Cuticle Rebalance is a specific treatment that rebalances the pH and strengthens the hair. It contains unique repairing agents that deeply penetrate into the hair fiber, restoring and strengthening the hair. It minimizes the porosity, realigns and closes the cuticles, untangles the hair, reduces the breakage, restores the tone, adds extra shine and balances the static loads.

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