Lightening the hair is not always a simple procedure. Some hair need more care than others, some take longer to lighten, and the professional who makes the change needs to study what is best for each type of hair. Also, there are several different techniques: ombré hair, highlights and Californian are the three classic examples of the most requested in the hair salons.

If you have never discolored your hair, know that it is a time-consuming process, it requires a good professional and great products. Usually they are expensive chemical procedures because they need attention and longer time in the hair salon.

Why do some hair discolor faster than others?

Nothing is lucky. There are reasons why some types of hair discolor faster than others. Thinner hair, with light shades and without chemicals usually lighten easily. Thicker hair, with dark tones and chemicals take longer, especially those with progressive brush, which are shielded by formaldehyde and make it difficult to absorb other compounds and substances.

How to avoid yellowing the hair

Investing in hair straightening products is the best option to prevent the blonde from losing the desired shade. Kerensa’s Home Care Revitalize Color is a shampoo, mask and conditioner kit, suitable for blonde, gray or white hair, or with highlights. The base of the product is purple, essential color to neutralize the yellow. It has already been proven by Oswald Star that opposing colors neutralize.

Estrela de Oswald - Kerensa

Not to regret it, look for recommendations from good professionals, research portfolios, and see how they work. When it comes to hair, the subject is more delicate because it affects directly women’s self-esteem. If you are not ready yet for a radical change from brown to blonde, do it gradually and don’t lighten it at once so you do not feel a very big difference.

If you’ve already chosen your professional, hair bleaching technique and have read our tips, we’re sure you’ll look beautiful!