Even though both present similar results, Progressive Brush and Thermal Realignment are two completely different procedures. The thermal realignment assets are responsible for reducing the volume and aligning the cuticles, whereas the progressive brush change the structure of the hair drastically, smoothing and making it difficult to return to ots original shape.

In addition, the progressive brush can also cause many health-related side effects as it contains formaldehyde. The differences do not stop there! If you are in doubt which treatment to choose, continue reading this post that is full of tips!

Progressive brush characteristics

Despite smoothing the hair, hardly all hair will be smoothed on the first application of the progressive brush. That is why it receives this name, so that smoothing is done in a gradual way. The more the hair undergoes the treatment, the smoother it will become. Check out the main features:

  • Definitive straightening that changes the hair structure;
  • Minimizes the frizz;
  • It can peels the scalp;
  • It has incompatibility with other chemicals;
  • It tends to leave the scalp oily and the tips dry. You need to invest heavily in post-procedure treatments.

Characteristics of thermal realignment

Thermal realignment, also known as capillary botox, is a new straightening system that does not use formaldehyde to smooth the hair, but rather seal the cuticles, promoting smoothing and momentary reduction of the volume. Check out the main features:

  • Temporary smoothing that does not change the hair structure;
  • Frizz control;
  • Compatible with various chemicals;
  • Treats the hair fiber, returning the water and amino acids lost in chemical processes;
  • Thermal realignment stimulates hair straightening, so if you have curly hair, your curls may be smooth for an indefinite amount of time.

Have you seen the numerous differences between progressive brush and thermal realignment? If you are in doubt about which procedure to perform, we indicate the thermal realignment, as it is healthier and does not have as many side effects. Kerensa BTX Shield is a great option to perform the treatment and has two exclusive versions: one for blonde hair and one for all types of hair, so there is no mistake! Check it with our team on 0800 021 1740 or ask your hairdresser which product is better for you.