Have you ever heard of Keratin Procedure ? A professional hairdresser needs to be up to dated with all market trends to offer various options to the customers, increasing the chances of good results for each type of hair. Keratin Procedure is a treatment based on keratin, which structure the hair, controlling the hair and reducing the frizz.

Different hair salons offer the service but it is important to emphasize that each hair reacts in a way. Some may absorb more of the product, while others not so much. In general, the procedure provides shine, softness, reduces the volume and controls the hair, as it regenerates its structure and restores hair mass that is lost over time due to chemical processes and excessive heat from dryers and flat iron.

How much does the Keratin Procedure last?

The Keratin Procedure is not as permanent as a smoothing. It lasts on average 3 months and does not change the internal structure of the hair, only reduces the volume, which return after this period.

How to apply

The application process depends on the way you work, but we recommend washing the hair with an anti-residue shampoo and applying the product, strand by strand, along the hair extension, over dry and washed hair. After the recommended time with the product, use the dryer and finish with the flat iron (5 to 15 times). The product should stay on the hair for 2 days for better results.

Kerensa products with keratin

  • Intensive Repair Hydrolyzed Keratin: The intensive treatment of Hydrolyzed Keratin acts quickly and efficiently due to the modern technology that penetrates deeply into the hair, rebuilding its structure.
  • Intensive Repair Kit: Keratin Replacement and Thermal Shielding, with restorative sealing, molecular cauterization and load of reconstructive keratin.
  • Nano Reconstruction: acts inside the hair, fortifying and revitalizing it. It has keratin and hyaluronic acid, which maintains the natural moisture of the hair fiber.

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