The new Point Cut technique is a type of hair cut where the hairdresser uses only the scissors tips to lighten and texturize the cut, without changing the length.

How to do the Point Cut technique?

In order to perform this type of cut, it is necessary to manipulate the strand at the same cutting angle as it was previously cut and to finish the ends, using only the tip of the scissors, cutting as back-and-forth. In this way the cut becomes lighter and the ends looser, with movements and without marks.

Who can use Point Cut?

Some experts do not recommend the technique for very curly or frizzy hair, as the cut leaves the tips light, resulting in bulky hair. The effects of Point Cut look better on straight hair or with light curls, because the results are more remarkable. The cut can be done on all types of length, but the effect is better, no doubt, on the medium and long hair.

What is the best scissor for Point Cut?

One of the most indicated scissors for Point Cut is the razor. The hairdresser can leave the base lighter and with a lot of movement.

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