Have you ever dreamed about hair growth? So you’ve got to the right place! First of all: It is important that you know what the assets make the difference in the whole process, such as Arginine and D-Panthenol. Let’s get to know a little bit about them and how they work?


Present in hair keratin and lost in chemical procedures. It easily penetrates the hair fiber and quickly recovers the damage. It is responsible for thicken the hair, even the thinnest ones, as part of the reconstruction process in the Hair Schedule. The first stage of hair growth is directly related to the reconstruction of the hair, which provides the strength. After all, what hair can grow damaged?


After going through the first stage of hair growth, it is time for the second which includes D-Panthenol. This asset is also responsible for thickening the hair, preventing split ends and improving hair growth. D-Panthenol is nothing more than the pro-vitamin B5, which is essential for the vitality of the skin and hair, so it is used in cosmetics.

Kerensa Home Care Mega Force kit has two main components, which promote the exchange of nutrients between root and hair, increasing its growth and strength. “I’ve always loved great hair and Mega Force helped me to keep healthy and strength growth. This kit can not be missing in my Hair Schedule,” said Gisselen, Kerensa Ambassador.

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You will love it!