If you want to stop using permanent and progressive brush to take up your curls, you need to know how to do the hair transition.

What is Hair Transition?

It is the process between completely abandoning chemical process and letting the curls grow naturally. We can say that the process is time consuming and you will need a dose of patience until you reach the desired result.

Most important of all is to feel good and happy about yourself. It is possible to have naturally gorgeous curls, but for this you have to give up the chemical process.

How to start the hair transition?

Once you decide that you really want your hair to return to its natural shape, start researching more about it. Look for videos of girls who have already done the process. Look for information on the types of hair and the types of care for each. Join groups on social networks -people discuss a lot about the subject and it can help you with information.

It is important to have a good cut to provide strength to the hair and remove those parts which still have chemical residues.

Abuse of the moisturizers and stimulate the growth with hair tonics. Oh, and do not forget to give up on the dryers and babyliss.

How long does the hair transition last?

There is no rule. It all depends on the speed with which your hair grows, the processes you have been through, among other factors. The secret is to have patience, to cut the hair little by little and to take good care of it!
Wash the hair three times a week and use creams with the following goals: nourish, rebuilding and moisturizing. That way your hair will receive all the necessary nutrients.

After the hair transition

After all the process your hair will have returned to natural and the curls will be beautiful and loose, right? But do not think that the care ends there. Always keep a routine of beauty to maintain it beautiful, moisturized and full of life!

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