The thermal realignment of the hair is a new procedure that align the hair, reduce frizz and volume, without the use of formaldehyde. The technique also moisturizes, leaving your hair soft and full of brightness, unlike the progressive brush, which destroys the scalp, dries the tips and leaves oily root, as well as leading to some health problems, such as burning eyes and headache.

Once thermal realignment do not promote hair straightening, it closes the cuticles, which results in natural and less “flat” hair. To keep the hair aligned, it is necessary to perform the procedure every three months.

Kerensa BTX Shield promotes thermal realignment through assets such as glyoxylic acid, argan oil and arginine. The product is not compatible with hene, thioglycollate, sodium, guanidine and henna powder or cream. We recommend that you always perform the hair sensibility test to check the degree of resistance of the hair, even if it does not have these chemicals.

How is the thermal realignment of the hair done?

The application procedure is very simple, but we recommend it to be done by a professional so that you have the result expected. Check out the step by step:

  • Wash the hair with deep cleansing shampoo.
  • After washing, dry 80% of the hair and divide it equally.
  • Apply BTX Shield throughout the length of the hair, always beginning at the nape of the neck, from the root to the tip. Leave it according to the type of hair: fine and sensitive for 30 minutes; average for 40 minutes; thick and voluminous for 60 minutes.
  • After the pause time, rinse to remove the product.
  • Finally, use the brush and flat iron. It is necessary to use the flat iron from 8 to 10 times in very thin strands, so that the result is satisfactory. It is not necessary to rinse again.

Check out the detailed procedure on the product page here on our website. BTX Shield is also available in Blonde version, for blonde, yellowish and gray hair, with anti-yellow assets that prevent fading. To purchase Kerensa BTX, just contact us on 0800 021 1740. Take the test and tell us!