Bleaching the hair and keeping it healthy is not always easy. But with some basic care and treatments at home, it is possible to have beautiful and platinum hair.

Hair care before discoloration

Before discoloring the hair, it is necessary to take care to leave it ready for bleaching and hydrogen peroxide. Perform the hair sensibility test at home: grab a strand of your hair from the back of the neck and pull, without using too much strength. If the hair moves like a rubber band, pull and release, it means that it is ready to go through the procedure. If the hair breaks when pulling, it is necessary that you first moisturize and reconstruct to strengthen of the hair before it receive the chemical process.

How to discolor without damaging the hair?

You must know that any kind of chemical process causes some kind of damage to the hair. When hair goes through these processes, it loses mass and nutrients, which needs to be replaced as soon as possible, with moisturize and cauterization.

The tip is: abuse of moisturizes, preferably twice a week. In addition, invest in a good thermal protector before using the flat iron, dryer or babyliss. Look for specific products for post-chemical processes, which are developed with amino acids and vitamins to ensure the health of the hair. Avoid some anti-residue shampoos, those that clean deeply, as they can dry the hair. Do some shine baths and use an anti-yellow product, which neutralizes the yellow of the hair and make it look more beautiful and moisturized.

Products to use on faded hair

As we said earlier, using specific products for discolored hair is essential to make it beautiful, moisturized and shiny. Kerensa, hair salon company has the Home Care Post-Chemical line, specially developed for chemically treated hair.