Working in the beauty area is not always easy. Competition between beauty salons is high, and the owners need to be aware of the new trends to recreate themselves in the marketplace and get ahead. The first step is to have professionals who will not let you down when it comes to technique. Have one expert to cut, other for blonde hair, another for hairstyle, and so on, always according to the services that your salon offers.

It’s great to centralize a service for each professional, but it’s also important to have someone who meets the needs of the beauty salon in case any employee has to leave. Second step is to invest in quality products that support the work of the professional, after all, how can you provide excellent service if the quality of the product used is poor? The result will be below the customer’s expectation.

Having these two, makes everything go well. But to stand out from the competition, you need to have something more. Our tip is to offer the client the extension of treatment. “But how does it work, Kerensa?” It’s quite simple!

Kerensa Home Care Kits

Thinking about hairdressers and beauty salon owners, Kerensa created Home Care line, which features smaller versions of professional products, consisting of Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner. The same treatment, consistency and quality assets are maintained. In this way, the client can keep the result acquired at the beauty salon at home.

There are six lines, each one for a goal. Get to know them:

  • Home Care Post Chemical: Designed for chemically treated hair. Kerensa exclusive technology has been specially developed with essential assets that repair and restore the hair fiber, fortifying and revitalizing the hair;
  • Home Care Revitalize Color : Indicated for blonde, highlighted hair, gray or white that usually turn into yellow because of pollution, sun, light and sea water / pool. Its formula was developed with nourishing agents that neutralize the unwanted yellowing of the hair, in addition to moisturize and enhance the shine;
  • Home Care Mega Force : It has essential components for the hair bulb, which promote the exchange of nutrients between the root and the hair, increasing growth and strength to the hair;
  • Home Care Instant Miracle: Instant Miracle has essential oils for a powerful nourishment. It leaves the hair soft, silky, soft and shiny.
  • Home Care Hydra Curls: Especially for curly hair, Hydra Curls provides moisturize to the hair with natural assets as Coconut Oil + Semi-di Lino + Wheat Protein, without leaving a heavy effect.

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