What woman does not love to brush, moisturize, cauterize or do everything else in the hair salon? We feel more confident, renewed and beautiful. But we also know that it is not always possible to spend a few hours in the hair salon every week, even if your hair needs a lot. The solution is to keep the treatment at home.

Keeping the result at home can be a difficult task because we do not have the help of a professional. But when we invest in the right products and follow the indicated step-by-step, everything becomes simple. Kerensa Professional Hair Care is a hair salon cosmetics company that worries about the post-chemical result you must have, to keep day to day look even more wonderful.

Kerensa Home Care Post-Chemical

Home Care Post-Chemical Kit has been developed for chemically treated hair. Kerensa’s unique technology has been specially developed with essential assets that repair and restore the hair fiber, fortifying and revitalizing it. Provides moisturize, nourish, shine, flexibility and softness to the hair.

The kit consists of:

  • Home Care Post-Chemical Shampoo
  • Home Care Post-Chemical Conditioner
  • Home Care Post-Chemical Mask
  • Home Care Post-Chemical Repairing Serum
  • Home Care Post-Chemical Revitalizing Spray
    The entire formula of the kit is rich in Quinoa Protein and Baobab Oil, except for the Repairing Serum, which has a combination of exceptional Argan + Monoi + Ojon oils that deeply nourish the hair fiber. Revitalizing Spray is responsible for the thermal protection that nourishes the hair fiber.

    For a complete result, use the entire Post-Chemical line for as long as necessary. To find out, check with your hair salon or contact Kerensa directly: 0800 021 1740 | site@kerensa.com.br.