First of all, do you know what hair detox is? It is a treatment designed to re-establish the natural defenses of the hair, toning, moisturizing and renewing the hair and scalp. Chemical processes, dryer, flat iron, sun, wind, sea, pool, among other factors, remove all the defenses of hair and not even natural protection can save your hair from this little problem.

In addition to the hair detox which deeply cleans, it still stimulates hair growth and controls oiliness as it removes hair sebum. It is like a kind of cleaning and it can be done every 15 to 30 days, depending on your type of hair. Dry hair requires treatment every month, while the oily ones, every 15 days.

Intensive Repair Kerensa

Kerensa Intensive Repair kit provides a unique treatment for damaged, fragile, dry and dull hair, strengthening and nourishing the hair. One of the products of the kit is the Hair Detox, which detox the hair and the scalp, has antiseptic, antisephoeic, anti-dandruff and restorative assets.

Check out all the benefits of Intensive Repair:

    • Replacement of keratin mass.
    • Reconstruction of hydrolipidic film and cellular cement.
    • Thermal replecement of Nutrient with hair densification.
    • Exceptional shine and renew.
    • Molecular Cauterization.
    • Detox (hair detox).

Hair detox with Intensive Repair does not work for those who are in transition and want to have the curls back, but only to clean straight, wavy, curly or afro hair. If you have never done this “cleaning” on your hair, you will surely notice a big difference after the first time.

To get your kit, contact us by 0800 021 1740. Your hair will love it!