Your hair needs care at some stage, not just when it goes through chemical procedures. However, in this period it is when it needs the most attention so that the hair doesn’t get extremely damaged. The key to achieve that dream procedure without damaging the hair is to treat it before and after chemicals.

It is important to know that every chemical procedure requires a preparation, so always remember to ask for tips also for the professional who takes care of your hair.

  • Dyeing: use and abuse of moisturizing products such as Revitalize Color and Hydra Curls:
  • Permanent: This type of chemical ask for a stronger treatment, which rebuilds the hair. Bet on products like Nano Reconstruction, Post-Chemicals, Intensive Repair and Kerensa Damage Solution Technology;
  • For those who want to straight the hair, we indicate treatments that have keratin as their main asset, as it acts on the hair, restructuring the hair fiber. Kerensa products that have keratin are: Intensive Repair and Nano Reconstruction.

The routine of those performing chemical procedures

In addition to investing in these products, always protect the hair with cosmetics that have sunscreen, thermal-activated effect – if you use the flat iron or the dryer – and finish with ojon and argan oils. Depending on the chemical procedure, it is recommended to wash before or not washing for a few days. Check with your hairdresser!

Maintaining a hair schedule is also very important for those who are in the transition period between chemicals. To know which products to use on the schedule, perform the HNR test (moisturize, nourish and reconstruction). It’s very simple: separate a glass full of water and put a hair inside. If it floats, you need more moisturize; if it stays in the middle, nourish; and if it sinks, use products for reconstruction. Here in our blog you can find a complete infographic about hair schedule!

So, did you like the tips? You’re going to take care of the hair before chemicals, right? After all, wonderful hair does not only depend on good products, but on daily care! Interested in Kerensa products? Contact us and request your: 0800 021 1740