Who has dyed hair knows how difficult it is to maintain the flawless color for a satisfactory time. The first step for a lasting color is to have your hair well moisturized, because hair with little resistance do not hold the pigments well. The second is to bet on a quality dyeing, and the third is the care after the procedure, which you check out with one of our ambassadors.

“The care while washing is also extremely important to keep dyeing hair full of life. I have never imagined that an ampoule would be able to preserve my redhead’s tone, until I knew Kerensa’s Color Protection technology. Before, I was crazy about masks, shampoos, and conditioners that did that. Today, I use only one ampoule weekly, between washes. The result is guaranteed!”, Says Ellen Caroliny.

Color Protection Ampoule has dual protection with Vitamin E and Polysteramine, which ensures the color integrity of dyed hair, revitalizing, nourishing and preserving the color for much longer.

How to use Color Protection Ampoule

The ampoule can be used in two ways. One is to carry out the application after washing the hair. After washing the hair with your shampoo, mask and conditioner preferably, apply the Color Protection Ampoule on wet hair, all the way, gently massaging it. Let it act from 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse and finish as usual.

Another possibility is to use with the treatment cream. After using the shampoo, over still wet hair, add the ampoule to your treatment mask and let it act from 3 to 10 minutes, massaging the scalp and hair throughout its length. Then rinse and apply the conditioner of your choice. Finish as usual.

Redouble the attention to the amount applied to the hair. The amount recommended is equivalent to the bottle cap. The excess may leave oily and unwanted hair, since the results is immediate and the concentration of the product is consistent.

Try it yourself – Color Protection Ampoule! It can be used for all types of dyeing. Enjoy!