Missing words to describe dyed hair, is not it? They are commendable and offer a unique highlight. They are different, daring, incredible, full of attitude and emphasize the personality of those who decide to do it. But it is not all flowers, so you need to be very careful to keep the color always alive and the hair moisturized. Check out some tips that Kerensa has separated for you:

Pre-pigmentation of dyed hair

Depending on the color you want, you will need to discolor the hair before applying the dye. Therefore, it is very important to perform an intense moisturizing treatment for the hair fiber to prepare i for the aggression and don’t cause much damage. The durability of the color depends on the health of the hair, okay? Bet on Instant Miracle!

Post-pigmentation of dyed hair

Providing a good treatment for hair before dyeing is not enough. Take care of the Post Chemical.

with Kerensa. Also, continue with intense moisturizing in the hair schedule.

Whenever you dry your hair or use the flat iron, use a thermal protector. This will prevent excessive dryness and frizz. To shape the hair, the leave-in is important! It will help to straighten the hair that is out of place. Oh, be careful with the hot water, okay? If you can not give up this item, always finish the bath with the cold water to close the cuticles of the hair.

Dyed hair tends to fade with the sun, so protect it as best you can: be on the sunscreen and / or hats. And the question of color durability, the less you wash, the longer it will last. Natural law, right?

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