Which women does not always love being fashion and feeling well with her own hair? There is no better thing than looking in the mirror and being happy with the look – that’s why changing is so good. Besides betting on a new cut, dyeing is always great. But which color to choose? Blonde, red, brown or black? The most important thing is to tell your customers how to take care after they dye so that their hair do not get dry.

A good hairdresser is a knowledgeable hairdresser. So we have separated some tips that will add a lot in your luggage and professional experience. After all, studying is never too much! This will be your differential. Check it out:

Wash your hair in warm or cool water?

Hot water is not recommended because it opens the cuticles of the hair, which tends to dry and fade. The cooler water promotes moisturize, the opposite effect of dryness. If it is inevitable to take a hot shower, advise your client always to finish with cold water so the cuticles can close.

Do not go crazy

The hair need to get used to the changes, especially if it is the first dyeing. Therefore, it is important to look for shades closer to the original tone and gradually change. This tip is very important for anyone who wants to platinum the hair. Without following this recommendation, there is high index of dryness and brittle tips.

Frequent moisturizing

Maintaining a moisturzing routine is very important. Ask your consumer to do the treatment at least once a month. If the budget is short, moisturizing can be done at home even with Post-Chemical Home Care line. There are several natural oils on the market that also help to keep a healthy hair.

Summer Care

Summer has come, and with it the high temperatures. It is important to protect the hair with appropriate hats or scarfs, otherwise the hair will get dry! Did you abuse of the pool and beach? Wash your hair immediately with anti-dry shampoo. Washing the hair before is also a good alternative so that the chlorine or salt do not get so concentrated.

Is everything written down? Keep following Kerensa tips, a hair salon company!