If you looked up online for innovative products for your hair salon and found this post, you are in the right place! After all, summer has arrived and we need to intensify the hair treatment to avoid dried hair due to the sun exposure and the components that are found in the pool and the sea. So check out this tip we brought you and your customers: Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that is present in the human body. It is responsible for the integrity of the collagen fibers present in our body and can work in several ways, which has been used extensively in hair salons.

The acid moisturizes, strengthens and provide shine to the hair, while reducing dryness and frizz. Its hydrophilic properties maintain the natural moisture of the hair fiber, restoring the balance, elasticity and cohesion. On the scalp, it restores the moisture levels, providing a healthier growth.

Can Hyaluronic acid be used after chemical processes?

There are no restrictions for the acid. It can be used in all types of hair, and is perfect for the weekly moisturizing.

Reconstruction with hyaluronic acid

Kerensa, hair salon company , has the exclusive Nano Reconstruction Kit, which has been specially developed to treat damaged, brittle and dull hair, nourishing from the root to the tip. The product has keratin and hyaluronic acid. The way to use it is very simple: just wash the hair, apply the mask along the hair extension, massaging strand by strand. Let it act for ten minutes and rinse immediately. It can be used up to two times a week.