Successful sales! Kerensa Instant Miracle has already taken its place on the shelves of many homes. It is that type of product that solves the most urgent damages, being joker for any type of hair and necessary to keep it always healthy. Nowadays, going to the hair salon is an indispensable item on your weekly activity list. You can take care of your hair at home and have more time to perform other tasks.

The secret of this line are the assets: Jojoba seed oil and Australian Aloe. How do they act? Check it below:

Jojoba seed oil

Jojoba oil is basically made up of ceramides, a lipid that prevents water loss and helps the hair to grow. Any product that moisturizes as a primary purpose must have ceramides in its composition. It forms a protective barrier that retains water and maintains integrity, all of which helps you to keep the cuticles tight, the frizz far away and the shine always present.

Australian Aloe

Considered one of the best hair assets according to the scientists, Australian Aloe is a natural source from Aloe plant, famous for leaving your hair extremely soft. It also boosts growth, prevents the fall and strengthens the hair. For a specific growth treatment, use Mega Force line. This wonderful asset is extracted from the gel, which is inside the leaf of the plant, used as a natural recipe until the cosmetic brands discover to avoid all this work!

You’re crazy to test it, right? Naomy, one of our ambassadors, has curly hair, which makes it difficult for the moisture to reach the tips of the hair quickly. Needless to say, she did not think twice about using the Instant Miracle line, right? Therefore, her hair is always wonderful in the photos that we publish in our media. Smooth hair is easier to moisturize, so it often gets oily when it is not washed every day.

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