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Did you know that your hair is made up to 90% of keratin? It is a protein formed by amino acids, essential for the health of the hair, as it is responsible for the integrity of the hair, keeping it always aligned and full of life. For this reason, it is present in a large part of the hair treatments of the hair salons, as it protects and fills of the flaws caused by chemical processes and external agents.

If your hair is porous, brittle, with split ends, dry and lifeless, you are probably in need of a keratin treatment. Keratinization, for example, is a beauty salon procedure based on keratin, thus restructuring of the hair, regulating and reducing the frizz.

Hair can suffer from both lack and excess of keratin. It is important to be careful if the hair is hardened and opaque, and if there is no hair movement. We suggest doing some keratin treatment every 15 days to avoid it.

Keratin protects the hair

It is keratin that offers protection against aggressions from the sea water, hot water, chlorine, straighteners, dyes, highlights and chemicals in general. Without it, the hair is exposed and loses its nutrients very quickly. Kerensa’s Intensive Repair kit, cosmetics from the hair salon, restores the keratin by sealing the hair with its molecular cauterization and reconstructive load. Get to know the products:

  • Pro Keratin – Keratin Charge / Cauterization.
  • Hair Reconstruction / Keratinization.
  • Shield and Sealing.
  • Hair Detox.

Reconstruction is also a treatment with keratin that should be present in your hair schedule. You can use Nano Reconstruction, which reestablish the keratin and maintain the natural moisture of the hair fiber due to its hyaluronic acid.

What is not lacking are options to take care of your hair! Browse our site and find the right product for you!