Whoever follows our social networks already knows the most illustrious faces of the moment. Yes, we are talking about Kerensa ambassadors, who represent our product lines and create an identity of brazilian consumers and love to take care of the hair and spend hours in the hair salon. They are blonde, brunette and ginger, full of their own style. We are sure you will love to know them!

They represent the lines Home Care Kerensa Professional, which is full of news! Now we also have a full line for curly hair, Hydra Curls. After all, we received so many requests for products for curly hair that we could not fail to meet this beloved audience.

Soon you will be able to follow the tips here on the blog about various subjects and all Kerensa products, not just about Home Care lines. After all, these lines are your client’s treatments after leaving the hair salon and we have, in addition, a huge portfolio of products to improve your business. You can offer your service and still resell Kerensa Home Care lines to prolonged the results, making your customer return after a good care.

Meet Kerensa’s ambassadors

Gissélen Amorim

Our muse Pós-Química loves to have smooth, long and wonderful hair. And her hair is her greatest passion. Her favorite hobbies are theater, film and makeup. She is graduated in Nutrition and wishes to work in the area of sports. She is one of those who likes the impossible, because there is less competition there.

Her identity is her hair. Gisselen says she can no longer imagine herself without it: “What I most appreciate in my hair is the shine, the softness and the lightness. There’s nothing better than walking down the street with my hair swinging! We may even be looking good with our outfits, but if the hair is not cool, it’s no use – self-esteem is down there. By using Kerensa products, I can prolong and maximize the results of the treatments I do in the hair salon. Now I feel powerful and ready to face the challenges of everyday life. One of the things I love about Kerensa is the fact that the company does not test the products on animals, which increases my confidence in the brand.”, says Gisselen.

Modelo Gisselen Amorim | Embaixadora Kerensa

Saywry Maia

She represents the Revitalize line, to keep blond hair always luminous and moisturized. She is graduated in Nutrition and her hobby is dressmaking. She wants to work directly in the area of food production. Her greatest passion is to help people, and the phrase that describes her is “a walking metamorphosis.”

For her, there is no sadness that stands up to a beautifully treated blonde: “Life is more beautiful now that I found the right mask. I wake up happy every day because I have wonderful hair to cause envy. The treatment my hair needed is here. Thank you, Kerensa Professional!”

Modelo Saywry Maia | Embaixadora Kerensa

Naomy Alcantara

For a successful curl, only with Hydra Cachos, which is now very well represented by Naomy. Her favorite hobbies are dancing and reading, and her greatest passion is her family. She desires to pursue her artistic career and to improve her talent more and more over the years. We are very happy to know that we have discovered a great talent! The phrase that describes her is, “I can do all things through what strengthens me” that’s it, girl!

Her curls are her identity, her root, and the definition of what she really is. “Kerensa is a strong name, which already tells the power it has. It is a brand that is predestined to succeed for the wonderful products it has. There, I can identified myself. Now that you’ve launched a line for curls, I’m at home!”

Modelo Naomy Alcantara | Embaixadora Kerensa

Ellen Caroliny

With a divine hair, had to be Instant Miracle! The hobbies of this wonderful girl are: fight, travelling, reading and dancing. She is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, and in the future she wants to work with civil construction. Her greatest passion is to live, and Ellen claims to be in constant learning.

“My red hair is the outgoing roots of my personality and Kerensa has everything to be the best on the market. Its products are diverse and support all types of hair” said Ellen.

Modelo Ellen Caroliny | Embaixadora Kerensa

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