Long bob has already become the women’s darling. Modern and sensual, it is the most requested in the hair salons.

Learn more about this cut.

Long bob is the current version of Chanel. The cut is elegant, sensual and provides femininity. Besides being very practical, it has irregular tips, often been longer in the front and in layers on the length.

Long bob for any kind of hair

The cut is very democratic and fits very well in all face shapes and any type of hair, whether smooth, curly or wavy. It is important to guide the customer about the ideal length and the best products. If she wants messy and casual hair, she will need to use spray or ointment to style. Curly hair needs leave-in or combing cream to control the curls.

Wavy Long bob with flat iron

To diversify the cut and leave the hair with an extra style, the tip is to end with soft waves and straight tips. Use a little mousse before you start wrapping the hair with the babyliss or flat iron. Bet on this trick with your customers!

Long bob for curly hair

Many women with curly and wavy hair are in doubt whether this is the ideal cut for them. The answer is yes! For hairdressers, there is a warning: it is advisable to cut dry the hair, as curly and wavy hair changes its length, trim and shape when wet. Here’s a tip: Guide your customers to use a curl activator and knead their hair to finish it. If the diffuser is needed, it is important to use a thermal protector over the entire length of the hair.

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