We’ve introduced the new Kerensa Ambassadors, and they’re wonderful, are they not? But now let’s see the opinion of each of them on the lines they represent. Our first review will be the beautiful and curly Naomy Alcantara, which used Home Care Hydra Curls line and approved 100%.

Details about the Hydra Curls line

Home Care Hydra Curls line has shampoo, conditioner, curls activator and treatment mask, and they are all composed of coconut oil, semi di lino and wheat protein.
According to Naomy, each component has a benefit, which she highlights: “Coconut oil penetrates easily into the scalp, thereby helping to reduce protein loss and notifies the hair (especially dry hair); Semi-lino replenish the water, preventing its loos from the hair fiber and thus ensuring moisturized hair for much longer, in addition to prevent split ends. Wheat protein promotes hair growth, reducing porosity, improving smoothness and adding volume to the hair (and that’s what I love: moisturized hair full of life)”.

Why to use Hydra Curls?

Almost everyone knows that curly hair tends to be more dry, as curls make it harder for natural oil of the scalp to reach the tips. That’s why Hydra Curls line is so important, since it provides the moisture your hair needs.
For Naomy, the products are wonderful, since they guarantee lightness, shine, moisturize, softness, movement and reduce the unwanted frizz. The ambassador still continues: “My curls simply loved this line, and I will not abandon it anymore!”
What are you waiting for to have perfect curls like Naomy’s? Take your Hydra Curls line by calling: 0800 021 1740.