The progressive brush is a hand on the wheel for women who want practicality when it comes to letting the hair loose. However, like any chemical process, it requires extra care to avoid double ends, dryness and brittle.
Check out some myths and truths about the progressive brush.

Are all progressive brushes the same?

Myth. There are numerous types of brushes, such as the definitive, chocolate, Moroccan and intelligent, for example, and each causes a different effect on the hair. Most progressive brushes have formic acid or formol in its formula. The National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) supervises the amount of formaldehyde used in the products, once its excess can cause hair loss, intoxication and even burns on the scalp. So, be careful when choosing the best product.

Is the procedure indicated for any type of hair?

Truth. However, you should be careful if you have already performed a procedure with ammonium thioglycolate, and if the progressive brush is cysteine, it is not compatible with guanidine.

Does chemically treated hair react better than virgin hair?

Truth. Virgin hair has its keratin fiber in perfect condition, without cracks. In this way, the product of the progressive brush has greater difficulty to penetrate and smoothing it.

Should the hair sensibility test be done before the application of the product?

Truth. It is necessary to check if the hair is able to receive the progressive brush. Therefore, hairdressers should perform the test before applying the product.

Hair that has already had any chemical process can do the brush progressive?

It depends. Some chemicals are not compatible with the progressive brush, such as guanidine hydroxide.

But if you intend to dye or highlight, you can perform both procedures on the same day, as long as the hairdresser gives you some guarantee. The hair that has recently undergone relaxation process should wait at least a week for a new chemical procedure, such as progressive brush.

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