Curly, wavy and afro hair need care regardless of the season, but in the summer it needs double the attention, as the hair suffer from dryness caused by excessive heat, sea, pool, etc. First of all, to know how to take care of your curls , you need to know it thoroughly and bet on the right treatment.

Get to know the types of curls

Do you know the curvature of your curls ? It goes from 1 (smooth) to 4C (afro). See below:

  • 1 (smooth): smooth hair, with slight curvature variations and no frizz;
  • 2A 2B 2C (wavy): wavy hair, which does not form a complete curl;
  • 3A 3B 3C (curly): curly like a spring, with a lot of frizz;
  • 4A 4B 4C (afro): Extremely curly hair with a large volume that forms the curly.

It’s also important to know what the texture is: thin, medium or thick.

  • Thin hair needs products that control oiliness and provide volume;
  • Medium is more full-bodied. Bet on more powerful conditioners at the ends;
  • Thick hair needs to be washed frequently with light textured products. Do not forget to always have Tips Repairer in the bag, as this type of hair has even more volume and frizz.

Diffuser to dry!

The diffuser is nothing more than an accessory to be placed on the tip of the dryer. It dries, minimizes the frizz by distributing the heat and keep the curls modelled. Avoid placing your hand on the hair during the process as it can cause oiliness and misshapen the waves. After drying, apply Repairing Spray to seal the cuticles.

How to keep the curls moisturized

Nano Reconstruction Mask has been developed specially for the treatment of damaged, dry and dull hair, strengthening and nourishing the hair. With keratin and hyaluronic acid, it maintains the natural moisture of the hair fiber and regain balance of the curls.

You can have it in your hair salon also for curly and afro hair, or get one to use at home! Contact Kerensa: 0800 021 1740 |