Do you know there is a difference between dry and damaged hair ? It seems to be the same, but it is not. To deal properly, we need to identify the problem so we do not make a mistake. That’s why Kerensa has selected some tips that will help you identify and take care of dry or damaged hair. Check it out:

Dryness is the first sign of damaged hair, but it is not the only one. It is normal to notice the hair gets drier after a chemical procedure, for example. The other signs of damaged hair are loss of matter (mass), rubbery touch, breakage and lost of cuticles. When the hair is only dry, the cuticles are open but not lost.

Now that you know the difference between dry and damaged hair, it’s time to know how to take care of it:

How to care for dry hair

To return the nourish of your hair, it is necessary to perform a reconstruction on the hair. Nano Reconstruction Mask from Kerensa is the ideal product to perform this procedure. It has been specially developed for the treatment of dry and dull hair, strengthening and nourishing the hair.

In its composition is keratin, a fundamental protein for the hair reconstruction and hyaluronic acid, with hydrophilic properties that maintain the natural moisture of the hair fiber, recovering balance, elasticity and cohesion.

How to care for damaged hair

Nano Reconstruction can also be used to treat damaged hair as it recovers various lost nutrients. As a complement to the treatment, you can use Post-Chemical line, which has been specially developed with essential assets that repair and restore the hair fiber, fortifying and revitalizing it. Provides moisturize, nourish, shine, flexibility and softness.

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