Keeping the hair straight has always been a desire of many women. Despite the “boom” of curly hair, there is still a strong demand for straightening , so as to avoid that job of drying and straightening the hair every day. Low volume, no frizz, sealed cuticles and intense glow, how can you not love the effects of straightening?

If you are about to straightening or are curious about the assets that will act on your hair, check out the specifications below. It is important that not only your hairdresser knows which chemicals to use, but you also need to know not to be cheated and avoid future problems that can even lead to hair loss.

Glyoxylic Acid

One of the most used acids of the moment is glyoxylic. It naturally smoothes, provides shine, seals the cuticles and usually comes attached to different nutrients. This substance acts within the hair fiber, completely modifying its structure, making it smoother. It’s like a way back. To remove the smooth effect and return to the original hair, you must only cutting it. Learn about Kerensa kits that have glyoxylic acid as an active ingredient:

  • Kerensa Revitaliss
  • Kerensa Shineliss
  • Kerensa BTX Shield
  • Kerensa BTX Shield Blonde

Which chemicals are compatible with Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic acid is compatible with ammonia and guanidine. In spite of this, always perform the hair sensibility test.

Sodium Hydroxide

The concentration of sodium hydroxide in the product depends on the amount of ions in the agent. Therefore, two products can have the same smoothing asset and one being more powerfull than the other because it contains a greater amount of actives. Sodium hydroxide is a very powerfull active, and it can smooth even very curly and voluminous hair. It acts on the hair’s cortex and has high oxidation potential, which makes the procedure faster.

Because it is an extremely strong and alkaline active, we recommend deep moisturizing before and after the procedure. Kerensa’s product based on Sodium Hydroxide is Kerensa Kerahidrox

Which chemicals are compatible with Sodium Hydroxide

It is compatible with all types of hydroxide, from sodium, magnesium, lithium to guanidine. Do not forget always to perform the hair sensibility test before application.

Calcium Hydroxide and Guanidine

These two hair straightening assets need to be together to promote hair relaxation. If they are not set correctly, there will be no effect. Guanidine is one of the most used bases for more powerful smoothing. The formulation of these two compounds generally have active ingresdients, such as shea butter, hydrolyzed keratin and Aloe Vera extract. Kerensa Guanidine-based Kit is Guanicare.

Chemicals compatible with Calcium Hydroxide and Guanidine

Guanidine and calcium hydroxide are compatible only with guanidine itself and lithium hydroxide. If you are going to use one of these chemicals, the procedure is released, but always perform the hair sensibility test first.

Did you like the tips? Now you know what you can and can not use in your hair and what are the key features of each type of straightening asset . It will be much easier to take care of the hair and leave it without fear of being happy.<3