All hair needs to go through the reconstruction stage, even those who have never received any chemical process. External damages such as sun, pollution, pool chlorine, among others can also leave the hair damaged, dry and dull. Kerensa Nano Reconstruction returns the life to your hair, strengthening and nourishing it. And there is no restriction on the type of hair, once the treatment can be used from smooth to curly hair.

Its essential components act inside the hair revitalizing from the root to the tips. You can start the treatment in the hair salon with 2kg mask, applied by the professional, and it can continue at home with Home Care line, to maintain the result for longer.

Why do curly hair get so dry?

As the natural hair oil is produced in the hair bulb, through the root until the tips, curly hair tend to be more dry than smooth. This is because in smooth hair it flows faster, while in curly hair the oiliness has more difficulty to get to the tips. So this was Naomy’s chosen product for this review. “My hair was very dry and I needed something to regain the natural oiliness. That’s when I found Nano Reconstruction, “said Naomy Alcantara.

To help you with this choice Naomy presents each component of Home Care line, which is the one she uses daily. The main assets are Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Keratin:

Pro-Keratin contains proteins, amino acids and minerals, which are essential for the hair, because they treat the inner layers of the hair and are responsible for its shine, softness and natural balance. Hyaluronic Acid is intended to fill the “empty” spaces (areas damaged by the loss of mass).

The hydrophilic properties are very important because they provide a high level of moisturize, compensating for the damages caused and the loss of water.

The kit consists of Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner. Interested? Get yours with our beauty shop dealer: