What defines a good hair salon certainly is the professionals that work on it and the quality of the products used in the procedures. These are two basic principles for success, and it’s not worth saving when it comes to them. Adding value to your business by reselling hair cosmetic is also a great deal because it increases your profit. Your customers will love the options to keep the hair salon treatment in their homes, and the convenience to do everything in one place.

A good tip is always to stay tuned to the news, to follow the innovations present in the competition, to offer differentiated hair cosmetics and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

About Kerensa

Kerensa was born from a group with more than 30 years of experience in the development of hair cosmetics. The brand has its own modern and well equipped factory in an area of more than ten thousand meters square in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with well qualified employees

Kerensa is a Greek word for the expression “in love”, just as every woman is passionate about life and her inner and outer beauty. We honor the passion for feminine beauty with each release. Innovation, quality and beauty are the bases that consolidate our brand, a professional cosmetic company with excellence in quality.

We offer our partners and hair salons a wide variety of treatment kits, such as non-formaldehyde volume-reducing hair brushes, guanidine-based hair straighteners, anti-yellow treatments for blond hair, post-chemical treatments, hair reconstruction and much more.

Here on our site you can get to know all our products and ask questions about beauty. To be a Kerensa distributor or to purchase our professional hair salon products, just contact us on 0800 021 1740 or register through the link: http://kerensa.com.br/become-a-distributor/?lang=en.