Nowadays, many consumers are leaving chemical procedures aside to bet on the natural hair. There is no more search for acceptance in the society when the topic is hair, only the movement of “I can”, “I want”, “I am”, “I am proud to be”. Everyone can choose their style, their way of dressing and also the way they use their hair.

There are those who joined the movement of the hair transition, as well as those who continue to use chemicals, because they like to have straight hair, or even to dye in other color. People like to change, if they look in the mirror and say “I’m incredible”, it renews the soul.

Saywry, our super blonde Ambassador, is our best example when it comes to chemicals. “Being blonde is not easy, I have to take care of my hair every day so that it does not dry or turn into yellow. I like to merge anti-yellow with post-chemical. They are unbeatable when it comes to dealing with damage”.

How to prepare your hair to receive chemicals

Chemical processes followed by more chemicals do not work, especially if it is not compatible. So always ask your hairdresser if you can perform certain procedures. Also, keeping your hair always moisturized is a great way to prepare it for future chemicals, so it will not be so harmed.

Kerensa Home Care Post-Chemical kit is ideal for this type of care. It can be used in daily washes to recover the hair quicker. It contains Baobab Oil and Quinoa Protein, all important items to strengthen, provide shine and nourish to the hair. In the first week, you’ll already notice the difference.

If your hair very porous, thin and / or extremely thin, we suggest continuous use of Nano Reconstruction, which has hydrophilic properties that maintain the natural moisture of the hair fiber. For more information about Kerensa products, contact us at: 0800 021 1740.