Has your hair undergone chemical processes recently and you do not know which product to use to minimize the damage done to it? So you’ve come to the right place! Our ambassador Gisselen has some important tips that will help you in this “rebel” phase of your hair. Continue reading and check it out:

“One of the secrets I learned from Kerensa was that quinoa protein and baobab oil are wonderful assets to recover damaged hair. The quinoa protein has amino acids that repair the damage, as they strengthen and create a protective layer.”

Gisselen adds: “On top of all this, it still helps a healthy growth, avoiding breakage. Its action goes from the scalp to the tips, balancing the natural oil of the hair and keeping it moisturized. Baobab oil, however, rescues the lost shine due to its fatty acids. It even protects the hair from fading! Incredible, right?”

Get to know Home Care Post-Chemical Kit

These two assets (quinoa protein and baobab oil) are found in Home Care Post-Chemical kit, which consists of 4 steps. The Post Chemical Shampoo cleans the hair and removes the impurities acquired with the external agents, preparing the hair to receive the intensive treatment of the Post Chemical Mask. To finish, use the Post-Chemical Conditioner, which seals the cuticles of the hair. Over dry hair, apply the Repairing Serum to avoid frizz and leave a unique shine due to its exceptional oils, that are of Argan, Monoi and Ojon.

“No matter what chemicals you have used, the kit recovers the damage caused by any of them: dyes, straighteners, progressive brushes, highlights, among others. Who has never used any chemical, right?! “Says Gisselen.

You can find Kerensa Post Chemical at the Beauty Shop, through the link: http://bit.ly/2vxPR4x. If you wish to purchase the kit for your salon and resell it to your customers, contact Kerensa’s sales support on 0800 021 1740. It will be a great opportunity to increase your profit and surprise your consumers.

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