The daily routine if a salon goes far beyond an excellent cut, chemical treatments and dyes. There are a few secrets that you will only be able to put into practice if you are a hairdresser .

The great challenge is to keep the clients always faithful and satisfied with the quality of your service. Therefore, as important as being an expert in what you do, is having a good professional attitude, friendliness and dynamism, making the client feel comfortable and satisfied always to return.

The importance of hair diagnosis

The first step to be a hairdresser is to know how to do the hair diagnosis. Although the client has a desire, you need to guide her about the outcome, so she will not regret it later. This is of utmost importance before doing any kind of treatment as it can help to determine if the treatment requested by the client is best suited to the characteristics of hair and the conditions in which it is at the time of analysis.

Value your service

The success and appreciation of the professional is achieved and guaranteed through a good relationship with the client, so that the good service and its quality make the customer come back and indicate you to others.

Agility and sympathy

It’s normal to chat while doing your client’s hair, after all it will take long hours and a good conversation always makes the time goes faster. But do not let it get in the way of your work. Always be aware of what you are doing. A good option is to have someone who help you through the process so that it is less tiring and more productive.

Use quality products

No doubt, the professional’s technical skills guarantee the success of a hair salon, but the products used will also influence the final result. The Kerensa products are especially for hairdressers like you, who want to become a full professional. And you can still offer your clients our Home Care Kit to take care of the hair at home and keep the salon result.

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