Did you cut your hair too short and regretted it? Do you think your hair is stagnant at the same length for a long time? Are you dreaming about long hair? Well, there are countless reasons for those who dream of continuous hair growth and maintain the health of the hair. If you tired of your long hair, just cut it and it’s solved! Now, to have the dream hair you need a lot of care, treatments and of course, patience to wait for it to grow. There are some tips to give that “push”. Here they are:

Daily line for hair growth

The first and most important step in boosting hair growth is washing the hair daily, or every 2 days, with a special line for growth. Home Care Mega Force, for example, has its own assets for this type of treatment. Arginine is responsible for bonding the hair, leaving it more resistant and able to grow. D-panthenol prevents split ends and stimulates growth.

How you wash your hair also makes all the difference! The scalp needs massages to increase blood flow and thus better absorb the nutrients.

Rich intake of Biotin

It is not from today that we hear that food is superimportant for the health of the hair, is it not? Biotin is an active substance rich in vitamin B and H, known as one of the most important for the hair growth, as it treats the hair from the inside out, returning its thickness, preventing the fall, strengthening and renewing. Biotin is present in food like egg, soybeans, whole grains and nuts. The use of this vitamin helps to maintain healthy roots and hair follicles

Protein in the hair!

Like biotin vitamins, proteins are also very important for boosting hair growth, after all almost all of your hair is made of protein, such as keratin. When there is a lack of it, the hair become porous, thin and weak. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a balanced diet with enough protein, present in foods like fish, egg, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt etc. The Intensive Repair kit is a great choice for replenishing proteins.

Trim the tips

As hard as it is to cut when you want your hair to grow, this step is crucial to stimulate hair growth. It is necessary to cut the dry, split ends and lifeless hair so that it grows healthy.

Follow our tips and then talk to us about the process of hair growth! <3