One of the steps in the Hair Schedule is reconstruction. It is responsible for replacing all lost components of the hair due to chemical processes or external agents such as sun, wind, pollution, among others. The Hair Schedule also needs to include moisturize and nourish, but today we’re going to talk specifically about the reconstruction, the last step done by our ambassador Ellen, who has dyed hair.

Is your hair low in porosity, thin, dull and weak? Nano Reconstruction on it! Especially dyed hair need it to keep the color always alive, thus avoiding fading, as well as maintaining the natural integrity of the hair, which is scarce after a chemical dyeing procedure.

In which stage of the Hair Schedule should I start?

If your hair is very brittle, the ideal is to begin with reconstruction, followed by nourish and moisturizing. In the case of Ellen: moisturizing, nourish and reconstruction. Everything will depends on how your hair is at the moment. If you are in doubt about that part, check with your hairdresser and know where to start. Treatment is never too much, but it’s important to get straight to the point, that is, what your hair needs.

Kerensa Tip: Each week, take a photo of the results and compare it at the end of the Hair Schedule. It’s really cool to see the difference! This also motivates you to continue the whole process and avoid laziness. To make the technique simpler, leave all the products that will be used in the month together and alternate the usage according to the weeks. It always has those repeating steps.

We recommend the Hair Schedule before and after dyeing the hair because the hair needs pre-chemical preparation and post-chemical care. “A lot of people ask me if my hair is natural. I’m so careful to keep the color red, it ends up looking like it’s not dyed, because it’s always alive” said Ellen.

Nano Reconstruction Home Care can be used daily, or as a monthly treatment performed by a hairdresser, with the 2kg reconstruction mask. You can get the two products by contacting Kerensa sales team: 0800 021 1740. We look forward to hear from you!